IRESS partners With Lucsan

Accelerating the application of RegTech



Increase rigour and reduce cost

Traditionally, enterprises have relied on hindsight and ad hoc systems to comply with regulation, manage risk and unlock value in data. 

This approach is no longer good enough. Reputation suffers, costs escalate, and teams struggle to deliver comprehensive risk coverage. 

Smart use of data transforms compliance, governance and risk. Smart automation and analytics builds trusted reputations, operational excellence and customer satisfaction. 

Lucsan is democratising data by delivering innovative products at an affordable price.  




IRESS invests in Lucsan

IRESS and Lucsan, today announced a partnership that will accelerate the application of RegTech in the financial services landscape.  

IRESS is making an equity investment in Lucsan: an established, Australian-owned RegTech and data analytics company providing leading technology solutions to a wide range of companies, including Australia’s major banks.

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Aussie RegTech Lucsan announces senior executive appointment; Stuart Frith

Lucsan, a leading Australian RegTech specialising in data analytics, today announced the appointment of senior executive Stuart Frith as Group Sales & Delivery Director, in a move that will further accelerate the growth of the company.

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Lucsan RegTech and Data Products enable a wide range of organisations to make better strategic decisions for their enterprise.




IRESS was founded in Melbourne in 1993 and is now one of Australia’s largest providers and exporters of technology for the financial services industry. The investment in Lucsan is IRESS’ first minority equity investment and for disclosure purposes is non-material.



Lucsan is a founding member of the RegTech Association, an industry group bringing together government, regulators, regulated entities, professional services and founder-led RegTech companies to ensure collaboration between all of the parties - promoting the RegTech industry as widely as possible, resulting in action in the uptake of RegTech proof of concepts and deployed RegTech solutions across the eco-system.



We are a preferred partner and supplier to a strong list of companies, including many top ASX companies, State and Federal governments, and the property, resource and agriculture industries.  

We have delivered multi-million solutions in the areas of regulatory compliance, asset risk, customer value, audit analytics, data quality, data governance, and system migrations.