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“If data and analytics leaders don’t develop the new strategies, skills, roles and methods needed to manage and analyse data, they will be overwhelmed - both as organisations and individuals. We will be drowning in the seas of data that we have created, unable to separate truth from fiction, and unable to make decisions with confidence. Information is power, but that power can be destructive as well as creative.” - Gartner

Data Pipeline

LUMEN® is an integrated and agile product automating repeatable data pipelines. It provides high-quality data needed for actionable intelligence. 

It provides rapid delivery, high productivity, smart integration with quality and rigour built in.  

Uniquely, LUMEN® provides industrial strength and multi-way reconciliations to validate and verify the data pipeline. It delivers user confidence, data quality and traceability. 

LUMEN® enables us to rapidly innovate new risk and data analytics products, and deliver cost-effective, custom analytics solutions. 



LUMEN® delivers:

  • Rapid delivery

  • High performance

  • Multi source smart integration

  • Automated repeatable data pipeline

  • Data quality

  • Extraction, aggregation

  • Business rules, calculation engine

  • Reconciliations

  • Audit trail

Data Governance, Analytics, Reconciliations, Data Quality, Migration, Mergers & Acquisitions, Customer Value


Lucsan's business and technical experts work with our customers to rapidly implement data solutions.