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Accelerating the application of RegTech



Increase rigour and reduce cost

Traditionally, enterprises have relied on hindsight and ad hoc systems to comply with regulation, manage risk and unlock value in data. 

This approach is no longer good enough. Reputation suffers, costs escalate, and teams struggle to deliver comprehensive risk coverage. 

Smart use of data transforms compliance, governance and risk. Smart automation and analytics builds trusted reputations, operational excellence and customer satisfaction. 

Lucsan is democratising data by delivering innovative products at an affordable price.  




RegTech Transformation

The cost of compliance is escalating at over 10% per year.  At the same time, remediation payments are increasing and teams are struggling to deliver comprehensive monitoring.  

Lucsan’s Compliance Workbench transforms compliance practices. Rigour is increased and costs are reduced, with full coverage delivered to take action. 


RegTech Association

Lucsan is pleased to announce its membership with Australia's RegTech Association. Lucsan’s Chair, Harold Lucero, has also joined the Association’s executive committee. 

RegTech is revolutionising how we deal with increasing levels of regulation. The Association promotes good corporate practice in the management of compliance and regulation. 



Lucsan RegTech and Data Products enable a wide range of organisations to make better strategic decisions for their enterprise.



We are preferred suppliers to a strong customer list, including 5 of the top ASX companies, State and Federal governments, and the property, resource and agriculture industries.  

We have delivered multi-million solutions in the areas of regulatory compliance, asset risk, customer value, audit analytics, data quality, data governance, and system migrations. 

Our customers include: